16 November, 2015
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Beam Splitters OP TV
18 November, 2015
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Beam Splitters OP TV

Beam Splitters OP TV

OPTOMIC offers a complete range of video solutions for showing live images on a monitor, taking pictures or capturing videos, as well as the possibility of transferring the images to a PC or laptop. The beam splitters are the perfect complement to our microscopes and colposcopes and are very easy to operate.


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OP TV CDBeam splitter with digital photographic camera. Camera with articulated display, full HD video recording and HDMI output. The best choice for taking still pictures with the advantage of being wireless.
OP TV8Compact system with built-in camera. Video outputs: 1 x composite video and 1 x S-video (Y/C) An elegant option at an affordable price.
OP TV 10 HDCompact system with integrated HD camera. Video outputs: 1 x HDMI (for the monitor). The professional solution with HD quality.
OP TV CLICKThis beam splitter has a quick connection for easy attachment to any CCD camera for endoscopy with endocoupler. Aversatile solution for combining endoscopy and microscopy/colposcopy.

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