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8 October, 2015
OP-G7+ urological chair
30 October, 2015
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OP-G7+ gynecology chair


The OP-G7+ gynecology examination chair is designed to meet all the needs of the OB/GYN specialist.
This versatility is due to its wide movement capacity through its four independent motors and modular system of accessories, allowing the healthcare professional to combine them according to the specific needs of the practice.
Manufactured with the highest quality materials, paying full attention to ergonomic needs and using a comfortable and hygienic padding system. This is how OPTOMIC ensures to provide the best experience for doctor and patient.


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Specifications of OP-G7+ gynecology chair

UP/DOWN MovementMotorized column. 480mm min. / 1020mm max.
Backrest movement
– Leg rest
– Pelvic
Through electric motor. -30º min. / 70º max.
Through electric motor. 0º min. / 110º max.
Through electric motor. 30º max. above/-8º min.below horizontal
Leg supports
Two options: Leg supports with foot supports or Goepel leg supports
Hand control and foot pedal
Control of all movements + 8 Memories
UpholteryWashable and antibacterial PUR-PVC Polyester in a wide range of colours
Fire regulations grid
Flame retardant class M2 – BS5852 1-2
RollholderPaper reel 50cm max.
TrendelenburgTilting -30º
Anti-TrendelenburgTilting +8º
Secretions tray
Made of stainless steel and removable. 2,5L Capacity
Folded dimensions
660mm (width) x880mm (length)
Maximum load
310 Kg

Benefits of the OP-G7+ gynecology chair

Minimum height (48cm): Designed to make patient access as easy as possible. Taking special care of the elderly, patients with reduced mobility and those with disabilities.

Leg rest movement for patient care: The motorized leg rest allows the patient to reach the correct examination position without the intervention of the healthcare professional.

Load lifting up to 310kg: The healthcare professional can use the chair with heavy patients, with the certainty that it will meet the most demanding needs.

Retractable motorized leg rest: The leg rest folds under the chair, giving the healthcare professional a high degree of manoeuvrability to carry out their work.

Independent motorized movements

Pelvic movement: facilitates examination by allowing to place the chair in a comfortable and natural position for the healthcare professional and the patient.

Lifting/lowering movement: exceptional minimum height to facilitate patient access, especially those with reduced mobility.

Independent back and leg rest movement: total control of all movements by means of a hand control or foot pedal. Also, the combination of back, leg rest and seating positions allows the OP-G7+ gynecology chair to adapt to all postural needs required in the gynaecology field.

Gynecology chair with Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg: direct access button on the hand control places the OP-G7+ in Trendelenburg position when required.

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ArmrestRemovable. Adjustable in height and longitudinal position
Colposcope supportSuitable for a wide range of colposcopes. Colposcope can be placed at the right or left side of the chair
Examination lampHigh power LED with dimmer switch and flexible arm
Wheel systemHidden wheel system that can be unfolded by means of a lever

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