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2 September, 2015
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4 September, 2015
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The OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS ENT workstation, designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC, fully satisfy the most demanding needs of space and storage in the ENT Doctor’s office.

Their modular design concept allows for trays, drawers, supports and shelves to be rearranged to suit different setups as required.

With a sturdy steel frame and structure, they are built to last.
Adding the optional monitor, fiberscope, endoscope supports and/or used instruments tray, makes our workstations the most compact unit around.

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The OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS ENT workstation are equipped with 4 drawers by default.

  • Aspiration:  Adjustable and measured by vacuum meter.
  • Insufflation: Adjustable power level: 2 bars  (only on OTOSMART PLUS)
  • Desk surface: 87cm x 47,5cm – Coloured blue tempered glass cover included (other colours available))
  • Central shelves: 63 x 43,5 x 1,5cm (Optional glass cover)
  • Main drawers: 1st and 2nd drawers: 60,5 x 38 x 5cm (Optional stainless steel tray)
    3rd drawer: 60,5 x 38 x 8cm (Optional stainless steel tray)
  • Lower drawer:  30 x 38 x 14cm
  • Waste bin: 15L


  • Upper shelves: Coloured tempered glass cover included
  • Monitor support
  • Central drawer
  • Lower auxiliary drawer: Dimensions: 30 x 38 x 9cm
  • Rigid endoscope support with built in camera head support: Included with the rigid endoscope support, to store the camera head protecting it from dust and scratching.
  • Fiberscope support
  • Shelf glass covers: Their smooth operating high capacity drawers, stainless steel trays, wide working surfaces and tempered glass shelves, make the OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS the strong and reliable workstations they are.
  • The three main drawers may include as an option stainless steel trays with 9 compartments for better organization.
  • Spay support
  • Support that holds up to 8 laryngeal mirrors or hooks.
  • Instrumental try
  • Drawer lock
  • Control pedal: 2 pedals that independently control the activation of suction and insufflation (only on OTOSMART PLUS)

As an option, OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS workstations can be equipped with two central drawers and a lower auxiliary drawer for extra space needs.

While both the OTOSMART and the OTOSMART PLUS include a very powerful suction system, the OTOSMART PLUS adds to it a built-in insufflation system. Also, this integration allows you to fit other equipment on the shelves or desk. And both systems can be regulated independently and are automatically activated just by disengaging the nozzle.

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