11 November, 2015
13 November, 2015
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The OPTIMUS ENT treatment unit only occupies 0.5 m² of floor space and altogether provides more than 3 m² of usable space, including work surfaces, drawers and shelves. Used together with OPTOMIC’s ENT chairs, the result is an outstanding combination of efficiency and ergonomics in ENT examination.

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Technical specifications
Suction System60 liters/minute, automatic start up
Pressure Gauge and RegulatorGradual regulation
Automatic Waste Bin9 liters
6 Drawers1 of 79 cm x 34 cm, height 4.5 cm
2 of 79 cm x 40 cm, height 5.5 cm
1 of 79 cm x 40 cm, height 8 cm
2 of 28 cm x 39 cm, height 12.5 cm
9 Work Surfaces1 slide-out tray of 79 cm x 40 cm
2 fold-up work tables of 29 cm x 33 cm
2 hinged glass tops of 37 cm x 40 cm
4 glass shelves of 34 cm x 40 cm
Endoscope Holders4 rigid and 2 flexible
Glass colours6 colours available
Mobile4 wheels
Weight (without Accesories)195 kg
Maximum Consumption of Perpherals1200 W
Maximum Total Consumption1500 W



ENT microscope support. Lateral or straight monitor support. Head lamp holder. Endoscopy camera head and fiber optic cable holder. Mirror heater. Endoscope heater. Internal LED lighting. Isolation transformer: 1500 W 230 V 50/60 Hz

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