microscopio otorrino fabricado por OPTOMIC ENT microscope manufactured by OPTOMIC
OP-C16 ENT Microscope
16 July, 2015
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1 September, 2015
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OP-C12 ENT Microscope

The OP-C12 ENT microscope manufactured by OPTOMIC fulfils the most demanding requirements. The OP-C12 microscope offers one of the widest ranges of lighting systems and beam splitters, as well as image and video capture and treatment devices in the market. It allows the specialist to perform diagnostic and minimal surgical interventions reliably and accurately.

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OP-C12 ENT microscope characteristics

HeadStereoscopic head with micrometric focus.
BinocularWide field straight binocular (standard)
Lighting SystemHalogen, LED or Xenon light source.
Light WiringFiber optic cable.
Eyepieces12.5x widefield eyepieces. 10x and 16x optional.
Maginification Changer3-steps Galilei.
Head and ArmWith brakes and movements using angular contact bearings and high resistance conical cylinder bearings, Soft Move system.
Voltage100/240V 50/60Hz.
Mounting OptionsFloor, wall or ceiling mount


The OP-C12 ENT microscope is designed and built using the most modern and precise manufacturing systems. Soft Move is our exclusive movement and braking system, which provides OPTOMIC equipment with a play-free turning mechanism and an excellent mobility, smooth and precise. Also, Soft Move is supported by the great sturdiness and stability of the highly resistant conical cylinder bearings and a unique braking system. The large central knob of this braking system acts by freeing or braking the turning movements with absolute precision, enabling even a total blockage.
Moreover, the Soft Move system provides the specialist with extremely smooth and accurate movements, permitting the doctor to adopt a comfortable and ergonomic position during examination and surgery.
The head, with its swinging and directional movement, has a brake in each position, as well as a micrometric focusing knob. The magnifications changer is mounted on angular contact bearings, providing free lubrication maintenance, inexistence of play and an absolute accuracy in the rotation and vision of the equipment. This system is exclusive of OPTOMIC equipment.

The OP-C12 microscope offers three options:

  • Wide field straight binocular (standard)
  • 45º inclined binocular (optional)
  • 0-240º inclinable binocular (optional)
  • Beam splitters and video systems
  • Digitally Soft software
  • Monitor support
  • Laptop tray
  • Camera tray
  • 0-240º inclinable Binocular
  • 45º inclined binocular
  • Objective 250mm, 300mm and 400mm