OPTOMIC, now on Twiter and Facebook

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7 January, 2016

OPTOMIC, now on Twiter and Facebook

Every day there are more professionals who trust us, the centers that support our proposals and help us grow, in short, people who believe in what we do.

All of them make up a network among which we already consider “OPTOMIC Friends” and for all of them, we decide to open ourselves to social networks. As expert trainers, we want to show you the best specialization courses. As manufacturers, share our enthusiasm for designing and manufacturing the most high-tech products in the sector. And as people, let you know this great human team that is OPTOMIC.

From now on, OPTOMIC is closer to the medical professional:

Find us on Facebook or Twitter as Optomic Worldwide if you want to see our international activity: congresses such as MEDICA, collaboration in research projects and our network of official distributors.

Remember that you can also find us on other platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn.

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