Strobolux III LED
5 October, 2015
5 October, 2015
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Strobolux III LED+HD


The Strobolux III LED + HD integrated endoscopy system is revolutionary in the ENT practice. It allows the user to carry out stroboscopy and continuous light examination synchronized with the Optomic HD camera.


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Technical specifications
  • HD output, HDMI type.
  • 1080i HD digital resolution.
  • 2 outputs: S-Video and composite video.
  • Shutter speed 1/100,000 sec.
  • Manual and automatic white balance.
  • Automatic synchronized ELC.
  • Synchronization of camera and stroboscope to optimize the image quality.



  • LED stroboscopic system.
  • 2 independent and simultaneous light outputs.
  • Phase and slow movement function.
  • Analysis frequency from 60 to 1,000Hz.
  • Phase range variation from 0º to 400º.
  • Voice analysis: spectrogram and waveform.
  • Air and contact microphone.
  • 5” TFT display.


LED Cold Light Sourse

  • LED type illumination.
  • 2 independent outputs.
  • Alternating or simultaneous function of the outputs.
  • Life of LED lamp: 60,000h.
  • Intensity of use memory.
  • Adaptors for all cable brands in the market.

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