Strobolux III LED+HD
5 October, 2015
5 October, 2015
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OPTOMIC flexible endoscopes provide excellent optical characteristics for the inspection of nasal passages, the pharynx and the larynx. This fi berscope has been designed to facilitate examination effi ciency and enhance patient comfort.

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Technical specifications
  • High definition images.
  • Focusing adjustment.
  • ETO valve.
  • Soakable in disinfectant liquid.
  • Delivered in a protective carrying case.


Image guide system11.000pixels
Flexible part diameter2.5mm
Depth of focus5-50mm
Deflection angle 180ºup/90º down
Direction of view
Working length270mm
Field of view90º
  • Conector de guía de luz para Storz y ACMI.

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